Hemcrete Installation Continues/ Mountain Works Stops By

The Hemcrete installation continued today in the freezing weather, and is up to the second floor.  Ian Snider from Mountain Works dropped by yesterday to discuss some of the sustainably harvested wood he will be supplying to the project. Ian’s … Continued

Eco-Panels Installed

Eco-Panels came out on Tuesday and Wednesday and installed the S.I.P. roof.  The finished roof system for the Nauhaus Prototype will have an insulation value of about R80 when completed, because the spaces between the 8″ rafters will be packed … Continued

Concrete Scoring and Hemcrete Testing

Today, the concrete slab was scored on a three foot grid, to prevent cracking.  David Madera and Greg Flavell of Hemp Technologies also helped us to perform a full-size Hemcrete test. Click here to view the entire Nauhaus Prototype Construction … Continued

Organic Soy Spray Foam Insulation

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Eco Panels has a great explanation of what’s going on with all the new soy based polyurethane insulations. …all polyurethanes are petroleum derivatives obtained by combining a polyisocyanate (iso) group with a polyalcohol (polyol) group. A great chemistry write-up on … Continued