Electrical Completed, Lime Technology Pays a Visit

Click here to view the entire Nauhaus Prototype Construction Chronology. We were excited to have Ian Pritchett and Mario Machnicki from Lime Technology, makers of Hemcrete, come by to check out our building for the first time.  We had some … Continued


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Since there are no moving parts, PV doesn’t require any maintenance except cleaning the glass.  The photovoltaic collector doesn’t fail.  If a panel fails it’s usually because a solder joint connecting the cells fails.  Most manufactures warranty their panels for … Continued

Chameleon Roof Tiles

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These Thermeleon tiles are white when it’s hot and black when it’s not. When they’re white they only absorb 20% of incident sunlight, but when they’re black they can capture 70% of it. They use a polymer suspended in water … Continued