Electrical Cost Trend

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This chart is from Mike and Chris at Solarnomics. Progress Energy is our local utility. Combine that with the falling price of PV, and solar is looking pretty good. Check out this graph too. Even though the cost of electricity … Continued

Back in Blackle

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This just in from Axil.  It’s a new Google search engine called “Blackle”. The idea is that since the screen is mostly black. You use less energy while browsing. Makes sense to me.  I have no idea how much BS … Continued

Embodied energy and CO2 emitted in the production of some common items and building materials

Here we have a kilogram to kilogram comparison of embodied energy and carbon dioxide emissions during the production of some common items and building materials.  (The values for gasoline are not embodied energy/CO2 emissions of production, but energy and emissions … Continued


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Brownie Newman and Robin Cape have proposed an innovative financing model for residential renewable energy. Basically, the city would get people wanting to produce renewable energy on their property to sign on to the program. They’d then go get a … Continued