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This posting concerns Cordwood Maintenance, specifically about log loosening.  Air infltration is not a good thing to have in a cordwood home (or any home for that matter), but sometimes a log loosens in the wall.  There is a most excellent remedy for log loosening out there in ‘log home land.’   Permachink (and Log Jam) are water based, acrylic co-polymers that are easily applied to the mortar and wood.  They are elastic and  move with the log ends as the seasons change.  Orignally designed to be used for chinking on horizontal log cabins, Permachink and log Jam work wonders to eliminate air infiltration in a cordwood home.  See and for further information on their products.

This posting is taken from the most wonderful blogsite My Amazing House by Maria & Toby There is a co-joined blog site about all things herbal and home by Maria called Dirt Under My Nails Both are very good reads.   Positive, earth affirming and energetic.

Here is their latest post.

September 9th, 2009
This weekend we got started on the project we’ve been dreading for the last year… winterizing the house. With a cordwood house, there is a lot of shrinking in the wood that goes on the first year. So, after the first winter, you need to go back and seal the nooks and crannies that have opened up. We weren’t looking forward to this large amount of detail work.

Well, I’m happy to say that it’s not nearly as bad as we thought it would be!

We purchased some Permachink (a sealant often used on log homes) from a dealer not too far from us. It comes in huge tubes that you squeeze onto the wall. Toby would squeeze the ‘caulk’ around each log end and I would go behind him and smooth it out. The color is an exact match to the white of our walls… unfortunately, the lower part of the exterior walls has some red mud splash back from the rain… so the caulk really stands out here. I figure I’ll get Kaia to go splash in puddles near the house next time it rains and that caulk should be nice and dirty in no time

permachink on left, none on right

Smoothing it out

We were able to do almost 2 sections (out of eight) this past weekend (with many interruptions!) So, we will hopefully be able to finish this in a few weekends. Then, it’s on to the chicken coop!

Thank you Maria & Toby.

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