Cordwood Home near Asheville, North Carolina

Maria & Toby built a beautiful cordwood home in the mountains near Asheville, NC. Maria blogs about her life as a homesteader, homeschooler at It is an excellent blog, filled with hope and life and light. I go there whenever I need a pick-me-up. Their two children Kaia and Leif and wonderful and inquisitive. Her blog goes from homeschooling to cordwood building, to chicken rearing, and on and on.

Toby & Maria's beautiful cordwood home west of Asheville, NC.

Toby & Maria’s cordwood creation with living roof.
Here are Maria’s words…”Hey there! Welcome to my blog. I’m a Nurse-Herbalist turned homesteader and homeschooling mom of two crazy-awesome kids. I love to knit, sew, play on aerial silks, and wear my pajamas all day long.”

The post and beam framework.

Framing the home took some serious geometric cutting skills. Fortunately Toby is a carpenter!
This is a double wall cordwood home with blown in Icyene foam. It has a living roof and a cool second floor. Heated with a Hearthstone soapstone stove, this beautiful dwelling provides a welcome family sanctuary.

Beautiful bottle end and log placement.

All kinds of interesting motifs are mortared into the walls.

Garlic and onions hanging from the rafters, no problem in a post and beam framed home. Especially if the beams are left exposed.

A triangle window is the backdrop for a loving mother and her dear child.

More wonderful shades of poor man’s stained glass.

Natural paving stones form a very functional and attractive patio.

The family and homestead were part of an excellent article about cordwood construction in the NY Times.

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