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Hemcrete Discussion

I think we should start using the blog to discuss certain issues that we are considering. It seems an easierway to keep track of the discussion than email threads. Let’s try it with our topic of the day: Hemcrete

1. I’m wondering if we should consider HC with the interior masonry columns? The columns cold be used to attache interior formwork and the HC could seamlessly go in front of them. The cool thing about this is that, unlike with double stick framing or SIPS, we wouldn’t need any more wood, either framing or sheathing, for the structure, therefore making the masonry column a less expensive upgrade in this constext than the others. I wonder if it would really cost any more than the structural systems that they are typically using with Hemcrete.

2. Matt said today that he’s been using scrap plywood from window openings, etc. as subfloor for attics.  We figured we would need 30 sheets of 1/2 ply or OSB as forms for the JJJ ranch. What about using the forms for subfloor in the attic (Jeff may have already mentioned this possibility to me. Based on Jeff’s loft subfloor estimate in the spreadsheet, that would take about 12 sheets, but we might want to double them up (laid in opossite directions) for more strength. That’s 2/3 of the formwork right there.