This model has been discontinued and cannot be reordered.
This model has been discontinued and cannot be reordered.

Even in the short time since we wrote the book, my answer to this question has shifted from a discussion of a laundry list of socio-environmental problems and goals to a focus on a single issue: global climate change. It surprises me to look through “Building Green” and see no mention of climate change. It’s not that the issue wasn’t important to me then. I had a lot to cover and chose not to discuss it. That’s something I would never do today.

The history of science is one of trial and error, missteps, radical change, and, in retrospect, boneheaded misunderstanding. Still, in comparison to most other human traditions, science has an incredible track record of accomplishment and self-regulation, taking it upon itself to fix its own mistakes. If I had to be stranded on a desert island with only one human tradition, I’d pick science hands down over religion, politics, or art. (Note: with some coconuts and a sharp shell, you can recreate the modern entertainment industry in a matter of days.) So, when almost every living climate scientist on the planet agrees that our Earth is heating up and that humans are substantially responsible, I’m very inclined to listen. C’mon, stubborn skepticism or a “wait and see” attitude don’t apply in this situation.

What’s more, after a lot of thought and research and practical experience, we’ve come to the conclusion that everything we need to do to combat climate change will simply make life better. Honestly, it’s really no big deal. All it’s going to take is the will to overcome our present inertia in a patently ridiculous direction. It’s a no brainer because no one looses. No one except those few presently set up to make short term profits on profligate waste and endless consumption. Boring!

If you’d like to learn more about how we’re working to “deal with climate change while making life better”, check out our website, The Nauhaus.

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