The following is an archive of essays and articles written for the Nauhaus Institute website, as updates to the book Building Green, and for other publications.

Articles originally written by Clarke Snell for New Life Journal

Reflections on Warmth
Renewable Energy; a Discussion with Ole Sorensen
Is Wood Good? A Look at Burning Wood for Heat
Firewood: Don’t Burn It, Build With It
What is Natural Building? or “Do I Have to Wear Dreadlocks to Build with Straw Bales?”
Outdoor Rooms: Save the World with a Smile on your Face
To Deck or Not to Deck: Floors for Outdoor Rooms
Building “Green” Beyond the Home
Thwart the Diabolical Extraterrestrials: Buy Local Paint
Notes from the Green Building Trenches: Should You Build Your Own House?
Wherever You Go, There You Are: Me In Community
Footloose and Carbon Free: The Passive House Standard
Engineering Fundamentals
Expanding the Concept of Health
Thoughts on Picking a Place to Build
Certifiably Green
Energy Efficiency Geekout – Anatomy of Windows and Doors Part I
Energy Efficiency Geekout – Anatomy of Windows and Doors Part 2

Articles originally written by Clarke Snell for Mother Earth News

Go Solar! Passive Design Saves Big.

Articles by Michael Figura written for New Life Journal

Is your Light Trespassing?
Creating Balanced Cities with Biomimicry
Programming Your Next Home Purchase to Help Create Sustainable Communities
Planning a Great Neighborhood
Aging in Place through Sustainable Planning
Gentrification and Smart Growth
Health and Community Design: Applying Ecology to the Urban Environment

Revised Introductions to Building Green

Ch. 1 Why Green Building?
Ch. 2 Building Fundamentals
Ch. 3 Alternative Building Strategies
Ch. 4 Design
Ch. 5 Siting
Ch 6. Site Work
Ch. 7 Structure
Ch. 8 Cob & Other Earth Mixes
Ch. 9 Cordwood
Ch. 10 Straw Bale
Ch. 11 Modified Stick Frame
Ch. 12 Covering the Walls
Ch. 13 Covering the Roof
Ch. 14 Covering the Floor
Ch. 15 Creating a Connection
Ch. 16 The Completed Cottage