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Table by Meyer Wells
Table by Meyer Wells

Meyer Wells has been getting a lot of press lately. They cut and mill the wood for their furniture from city trees that would have been turned into firewood or mulch otherwise.

Nathan Schomber and Bill Tilson are trying to get Treecyclers off the ground here. They’re trying for the NC Green Business grant so you probably saw them at the workshop. They have a Woodsmith mill, and they’ve been milling city wood on a contract basis. However, they have more free wood than they know what to do with, and they want to start selling large slabs to use as counter tops or massive furniture. They need a knuckle boom, a kiln (solar first, then a vacuum kiln later), and a place to store slabs of wood.

Sarah knows somebody in Brevard that’s already doing this.

They’re not ready to supply us right now, but ‘d like to see if we can hook up with them to supply a lot of our timbers, flooring, and trim. There’s other mills around, but I like the salvaging city trees angle.

More about Meyers Wells: Jetson Green

More about Tree Cyclers: Stowe Boyd

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