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Our partners, like us, have decided that the Nauhaus prototype (NHP) project is something worth making a reality. They are at the forefront of sustainable home construction and innovators in their respective fields. We've chosen them because the prototype house needs to be the best house there is. They've chosen us because they are committed to making that happen not just once, but with every Nauhaus home that's made.

The Nauhaus Institute is excited to have Alembic Studio as the design firm continuing The Nauhaus legacy and offering continued design services. Alembic Studio's mission is in partnering with families in translating their dreams of home and community into eco-sensitive realities. We achieve this by applying our extensive design experience, detailed site analysis, on-going research and project oversight- from design through the completion of construction. To learn more about Alembic Studio visit their websites at:

The Nauhaus Institute is excited to have American Standard as a founding sponsor of our prototype project. American Standard has been manufacturing bath and kitchen products for more than 130 years. Being “green” has made its way to the bathroom. And why not? bathrooms account for 75% of all water use in the home. Making the right choice doesn’t require sacrifice. American Standard has developed hundreds of products that save more water, yet never sacrifice on style or performance. Their support of our project, through donations of both products and expertise, illustrates that their success and reputation hasn't stopped their drive for innovation. To learn more about American Standard visit their websites at:


Serious Materials makes advanced green building products that save energy, save money, improve occupant comfort, and aggressively address climate change. One of the most essential parts of the Nauhaus Prototype design is its super-efficient windows and doors. Serious Materials has a wonderful range of energy-efficient residential windows that are helping us to reach our Passive House certification goals.

Serious Materials


Tradical® Hemcrete® is an insulation made from industrial hemp chips in a lime-based binder. For details on why we’ve chosen this product to insulate Nauhaus walls, go here. For more information about Tradical® Hemcrete® contact:

Greg Flavell, Owner/Partner
Hemp Technologies, LLC

North Carolina based Eco-Panels is the industry leader for intellectual property related to modular and highly energy efficient building envelope systems. They've been working with us on optimizing our roof system to acheive both incredibly high R-values and air tightness. Eco-Panels manufactures what we feel to be the most advanced and integrated structural insulated panel systems on the market today. Eco-Panels is providing the Nauhaus with the world’s only R60+ rated panel (@ 20°F) in a panel only 8.5” thick which will allow the prototype home to acheive an almost unheard of R-80+ roof. For more information:

Charles Leahy, President & Partner
Eco-Panels LLC

Home Energy Partners has played a pivotal role in the construction and optimization of the NHP. They are an experienced and innovative team of building scientists, project managers, and installation technicians dedicated to delivering the highest quality, most energy efficient residential and commercial buildings in Western North Carolina. Utilizing a synergistic approach to building insulation, heating, air conditioning, and energy conservation, Home Energy Partners consistently delivers installed systems that achieve maximum efficiency and superior comfort with minimal environmental impact.

Home Energy Partners


MOSAIC Community Lifestyle Realty is a conscientious real estate company that reflects our progressive community. Our goal is to understand our clients and their needs in order to provide them with the right information to make informed decisions. We also have an uncommon commitment to real estate agency, never representing both the Buyer and Seller at the same time. As part of our commitment to being the change that we seek in the world, MOSAIC is now giving our clients and people who refer clients to us a free energy and healthy analysis of their home or the next house that they purchase. This analysis is performed by a third-party building scientist. Contact:

Mike Figura
MOSAIC Community Lifestyle Realty
Direct (828) 337-8190
Office (828) 707-9556

WNC Pro Built was established in 2009 by Matthew Schillig as an innovative, detail-oriented construction company. They specialize in green construction, custom carpentry, and exactly the type of meticulous framing that we needed for the NHP. Matthew has an extensive knowledge base from which to draw and has proved to be an excellent help in the planning and implementation of our projects. For more information, contact:

Matthew Schillig, Owner

Renewable Logistics, Inc. (RLI) is a marketing and development company for renewable energy systems including solar photovoltaic (PV), solar thermal and wind power. RLI is working with us on revolutionary new PV systems for the Nauhaus prototype, including amazing micro-inverter systems that offer more reliability and efficiency than traditional inverters. RLI also provides site analysis, financing strategies and support services to optimize investments in solar, thermal and/or wind generation systems. Project development support functions include qualifying integrators, sourcing parts and components, and providing after system implementation monitoring and evaluation. Consulting services provided include financing options, renewable tax credit planning, energy audits, water conservation methods and ISO 14000 & 26000 social responsibility certification programs.

Drew Kitt, Founder/President
p: (828)-216-7234
f: (828)-333-4528

Earthpaint Inc. is a people-oriented company, manufacturing beautiful, strong finishes in the safest most sustainable way.

We are an innovative paint company with unrivaled standards for sustainability, beauty and strength. Operated by seasoned industry professionals, the company is not only effective at making quality paint, but at creating a lasting business model that blends social responsibility with growing public demands.

Earthpaint’s wide variety of experts include: Painting Professionals, Designers, Architects, Master level Senior Scientists, Chemists, Microbiologists, Environmental Scientists, M.D.’s, Toxicologists, Expert Paint Formulators and Artisans. We all collaborate to bring you, Earthpaint.


Cistern Sister is an authorized dealer of RainHarvest Systems in Asheville and surrounding areas of WNC. Our water storage a reuse solutions for the Nauhaus Prototype have greatly benefitted from the consulting that they've done with us. Cistern Sister advises, sells, and installs complete rainharvesting systems for residential, new construction and commercial sites. Cistern Sister is an Accredited Professional and member of the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association.

Kathryn Cartledge, owner
Cistern Sister Rainwater Catchment Systems

Top quality integrated rainwater capturing systems and components have been complex, costly and difficult to locate through a disparate network of vendors and manufacturers in different industries spanning several countries. What RainHarvest Systems has done differently is to source a variety of top tier products from the leading manufacturers and purchase them in volume quantities. They's worked with us and local company Cistern Sister to provide us with a rainwater harvesting system that's second to none.

Russ Jackson, Director of Sales
RainHarvest Systems
5190-D Performance Dr.
Cumming, GA 30040
f: (770)-889-2577

Lighting Bug Electric has done an incredible job working with us on the prototype house. They are the only company we know of in Western NC with extensive experience wiring in natural and earthen materials wall systems and the knowledge base to back it up. Mark Prudowski, owner of Lightning Bug, is installing several innovative features on the prototype home for us including occupancy sensors to cut power to unused rooms and environmentally-friendly wiring and conduit.

Mark Prudowsky
Lightning Bug Electric Service
130 Boulder Way
Asheville, NC 28803

Ecovative Design is allowing us to use their revolutionary mycelium SIPs (structural insulated panels) to showcase on our outbuilding for the NHP. We'll be sure to update soon as we get more associated with their product.

Ecovative Design
60 Cohoes Ave.
Green Island, NY 12183

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has been serving all of Henderson and Buncombe counties in North Carolina for 3 years. Known nationwide for their punctual repairs, we'd seen the work of local Ben Franklin franchise-owner Phillip Muniz on past projects and quickly realized he had the resources and expertise to pull off the unconventional plumbing and water systems designed in to the Nauhaus Prototype. Phillip installed plumbing that can be used to implement a full greywater system (once code-approved) and has integrated rain water catchment and a super-efficient wastewater heat exchanger into the plumbing system. For more information contact:

Phillip Muniz
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - Hendersonville
3278 Asheville Highway
Suite B
Hendersonville, NC 28791

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - National
Email Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Carolina Ready Mix is equipped to handle large commercial or small residential projects and also provides quality block, aggregates, reinforcing steel and other building supplies. A family-owned business for over 50 years, Carolina Ready Mix saw the Nauhaus Prototype as exactly the type of community project they could get behind. Their partnership with us not only encompasses the concrete work but is also set to branch out into the mixing and pour of the Tradical® Hemcrete® wall system.

Richard Bartlett
Carolina Ready Mix, Inc.
608 Old US Highway 70
Swannanoa, NC 28778

As far as implementing fully sustainable solutions to embodied energy problems in the built environment, we haven't seen many companies go as far as Mountain Works. They tackle a wide variety of issues from sustainable, horse-logged lumber to permaculture farming. They are helping us to source local, super low-impact lumber for the Nauhaus prototype. For more info and some great reading on their work:

Mountain Works
Sustainable Development, Inc.

GoMini’s Portable Storage is a convenient, inexpensive solution for DIY storage needs. Available in variable lengths, GoMini’s are constructed with insulated, weatherproof exteriors and translucent roofs for natural lighting. We've been using GoMini's for all of our secure storage on site. For more info:

Robie Campbell, Owner

Purplecat Networks, a carbon neutral web host based right here in Asheville, has been supporting local arts and environmental organizations with web and IT services since 1998. Founded by Asheville native, Peter Brezny, Purplecat keeps its focus on the community, by finding ways to help the unique culture and expertise of the region reach a global audience. To further achieve this goal, cost effective still photography and cinematography (a medium dear to Peter’s heart) have been added to the list of services provided by Purplecat Networks.

Purplecat Networks Inc.
825-C Merrimon Ave., #310
Asheville, NC 28801


Lokk Design