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Cordwood in California

What good fortune to find an excellent timber framer who infills with cordwood.  Nick Kautzer is that framer/builder and is located in Tuolumne, CA.

Nick Kautzer is a fine craftsman and cordwood mason. He has a wonderful “eye” for detail and his buildings flow into their surroundings.
Nick’s website lists the following:  “We specialize in timber framing, custom furniture, and stone masonry to cultivate timeless, naturally beautiful craftsmanship.  We  are dedicated to utilizing sustainable and locally sourced materials to create long-lasting quality products.”


Interior corner with framing, bottle ends and red cedar.
This is also from Nick’s website.  “Hello, I am Nick Kautzer, designer and builder of timber framing, stone masonry, furniture, rock walls, patios and doors. I also create cordwood structures such as Cupolas, green houses and additions to existing structures. Custom designs for furniture to homes are always welcome. Talk to me about your ideas or share some pictures with me to explore the possibilities. My passion for building with natural materials stems back to my father who is a master of fine cabinetry.”

As you can see Nick is an artist with his framing, window placement and cordwood.

Cordwood when done properly, is such a visual feast.

The door sends a warm and inviting message.
If this appeals to you and you want to use Nick’s services, please contact him at:


Email: :kautzercraftsmanship@yahoo.com

“If you have a project in mind that is not listed above you are welcome to contact me.  I am happy to collaborate on unique projects.”  -Nick
For more information on Cordwood Construction go to


Cordwood Construction Best Practices is the latest book on cordwood construction and has over 259 color photos, diagrams and drawings to lead an owner/builder from floor plans to occupancy.

Cordwood Construction Facebook Page


Framing and Drainage

Today the framing of the second floor began, and measures were taken to provide proper drainage from the building.

Click here to view the entire Nauhaus Prototype Construction Chronology.

Tim uses a custom-made tool to measure for the Hemcrete.
Tim uses a custom tool to measure for Hemcrete.

David Madera stopped by to discuss Hemcrete.
David Madera stopped by to discuss Hemcrete.
A strip drain is placed at the bottom of each wall.
A strip drain is placed at the bottom of each wall.
Gravel is shoveled into the Eastern trench.
Gravel is shoveled into the Eastern trench.
East Wall
Wast Wall Framing