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Clarke Snell holds forth on Cordwood and other alternative methods

Here are some photos of Clarke when he spoke to our Cordwood Workshop at Love’s Organic Farm in September of 2007 near Marshall, North Carolina. We then followed him to his Building Green Cottage site where he gave the class a tour and explanation of the various wall types (cordwood, cob, strawbale, earthen plaster, and a living roof) and delineated their pros and cons. It was a very interesting visit.

Clarke giving an explanation of the cob and cordwood wall
The synergy of the cob and cordwood wall. Sweet!
The cordwood wall with large overhang
Clarke explains how to build a living roof like a fine cabinet maker
Which log end "face" should go here :0)
Creative cordwood wall building
Learning to build the right way using a best practices approach

Star pupils building a wall with smiles

Flowers & cordwood with Tulip Poplar

Folks had a great time learning alternative building in North Carolina

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. We have more workshops coming up in Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Please stay tuned to for further information.

Richard Flatau


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