Welcome to Glass Wall Enterprises

We are excited that you found us.  We are very pleased to announce the recent release of our book, Glass Walls  Reality & Hope Beyond the Glass Ceiling. 

Glass Walls began as an examination and reflection on our combined 50 year careers in corporate America.  Through countless interviews with women and men, from a multitude of professions and industries, we begin to develop a better understanding of the dynamics within organizations.  We gained poignant insights from real experiences of women as they progressed beyond the Glass Ceiling.  Glass Walls became symbolic of the invisible barrier that surrounds the inner sanctum of empowered males and their chosen associates who typically dominate corporations.  It is this Glass Wall that contributes to the isolation and marginalization women encounter in the workplace.  It is our belief that a better understanding of the Glass Wall barrier can be a starting point for women trying to navigate obstacles and seek opportunities within their respective companies. We hope you enjoy the book so much you will want to share your stories with us. It is through the story telling that we learn and move forward.

Our purpose for Glass Walls is to create a dialogue that raises awareness of an issue that is an impediment to real progress for working women now and in the future.  It is also our desire to promote and support the personal and professional development of women.  You will see links below for numerous women business owners.  These women have embarked on a journey to create their own destiny and we applaud and admire their efforts.

Please bear with us as we continue to build the depth and breadth of resources on this website. We hope you will use the Contact Us diamond at the top of this page to email us your comments, questions and feedback. 

“So often I have listened to everyone else’s truth and tried to make it mine.  Now, I am listening deep inside for my own voice, and I am softly, yet firmly speaking my own truth.”    -Liane Cordes   The Reflecting Pond: Meditations for Self Discovery